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Building your brand awareness through Social Media is a powerful tool. Social Media has a definite impact on a brand and getting its awareness out there. In today’s world, you can’t dismiss Social Media as a way to build a brand, because if you are not doing it, your competitors are.  We at The Media Company can help you increase your brand awareness via Social Media.  Get in touch with us to that we can assist you in:

  • We will help you find the right audience before we start focusing on a specific social media platform.  Once we have determined where your audience is by doing relevant market research about your industry or product.  We will then create a digital strategy on whether to focus for example a B2B company is on LinkedIn or younger audience on Instagram.
  • We will create the right content using visuals for your specific target audience and demographics. Using various types of creative for example Images, videos, Gifs.  The right visual will have a big impact on growing your brand awareness as they assist in increasing your engagement on different social media platforms.
  • Communication is key in Social Media and by creating the right conversation will get the attention of the right audience.  Don’t be afraid to show personality and have fun on Social Media.
  • Reporting is the most important.  If we can’t measure it we shouldn’t do it, and then did it really happen.  We make sure that all your tracking pixels, Google Analytics, campaign tracking are all in place to measure the success of your Social Media Activity.  Using the insights we gain an understanding of what is working and we can optimise our efforts to build a stronger brand using Social Media.
  • Becoming an Authority in the Industry will give you more credibility, and to do this, your content needs to be original and have real value.  This will assist in your content been shared more and thus increasing your Brand Awareness.

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